Le Vignoble.

Haut Berba takes its name from the location of the vineyard. Nestled at 200 meters above sea level, in the municipality of Lahourcade, this small unique vineyard is oriented south-east, facing the Pic du Midi de Bigorre.

Haut Berba covers 4.5 hectares of which 98% Petit Manseng, and 2% Gros Manseng.

The atypicality of this vineyard comes from its planting density, since Haut Berba counts 8000 vines per hectare, whereas around 90% of the appellation is less than 3000 vines per hectare and new planting averages 4,000 vines per hectare.

The purpose of the high density is to improve the quality of the grapes and therefore wine. The greatest vineyards of France have already demonstrated this.

At the same time, each vine bears less grapes and the grapes are therefore better nourished by the plant

Moreover, the high density promotes increased competition in the root system between the vines, and thus forcing the plant to search deeper for nutrients.

It will not be possible to draw conclusions for a few years, although we note a significant improvement between the first four vintages of 2009-2012

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