While daring and perseverance were and are still the keywords of this beautiful adventure, it would never have come to pass without the support and help of my parents, my family, my friends and fellow winemakers, and my commercial agent.

I especially want to thank Mr. Ramonteu Henri of Domaine Cauhapé and his team; without which, the first vintage Ezio and the following would never have seen the light of day. Mr. Ramonteu has provided me with all its advanced equipment, as well as advice from a long and detailed experience.

I am very happy to be "supported" by this charismatic man animated by the Passion, the Perfectionism and Generosity, and whose great wines make the soul.

Once again, thank you Henri.

Haut Berba - la cuvée « Ezio », 2010 doux - 84.5/100

Light, golden colour; slightly lactic and creamy nose with citrus and orange peel; off dry palate, medium bodied with a hint of bitterness, fresh with a medium length; slightly rustic finish. 84/100

Andreas Larsson - Meilleur sommelier du Monde 2007

Intense, golden colour. Rather closed nose with restrained fruit and hints of almonds. On the palate well structured with medium weight and length. 85/100

Markus Del Monego - Meilleur sommelier du monde 1998