The History of Jurancon: a royal history.

Jurançon is a noble vineyard. Henri IV entered its history in 1553, his lips rubbed with a clove of garlic and moistened with a drop of Jurançon. The future "Bon Roy Henry" knew what was good...

Produced on 1400 hectares of vines planted on the sides of steep slopes, the Jurançon wine draws its ancient lineage from its royal history.

The vines of Jurancon were planted more than 2000 years ago by the Romans and it is during the Middle Ages that the word "juransoo" first appears.

In the fifteenth century, the largest areas were in the hands of the notables and the viscounts of Bearn who settled in Pau in 1460. This is the beginning of the golden age of the vignoble.

With the "Fors de Morlaas" (chartered privileges published in 1220 by Guillaume-Raymond Moncada Viscount), the term "Mansenc" appears in relation to the vineyards of Navarre and in 1538 the terms Jurançon vintage and petit Manseng appear with Henri d'Albret.

In the sixteenth century, the princes of Béarn and the Navarre Parliament introduced the concept of "vintage" according to the value of the plots. Then it is the first attempt to classify in France before all other vineyards to preserve the authenticity of the wines of Jurançon.

The vignoble has survived the centuries and the many problems of recent history to win back acclaim thanks to its superior quality.

Jurançon - notable dates

988 : first transaction listing Jurançon wines at the Abbey of Saint-Vincent in Lucq-de-Béarn

1538 : mention of the term "Mansenc" and the buying of a Jurancon vineyard by Henri d'Albret (Henry II of Navarre)

1553 : baptism of Henry IV with garlic and Jurancon

1555 / 1557 : expansion of the Jurançon vines on the slopes of Gan, Jurançon and St. Faust

End of 19th century : the disappearance of part of the vignoble due to vine diseases (notably phylloxera). Loss of wine quality

20th century : renaissance of Jurancon and a return to tradition

1936 : Jurancon becomes one of the first wines recognised with a "controlled designation of origin" - Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC)

End of the 20th century : expansion of the wines of Jurancon